Do not be a simple visitor, become an active member of Porndig and get gifts in return for your participation!

Since being created we have always wanted Porndig to be your site.
Today we give you the opportunity to actively participate in Porndig's life.
Participate in site content
Share your favorite porn videos using the upload form or ask your private FTP access.
If your video does not meet the required technical criteria, it will be automatically rejected by our verification algorithm.
You think you have some writing skills? Make the descriptions of videos uploaded by you and other members.
Some Pornstars are missing? Gather all the information about them and create their profile.
Edit the videos
Missing any categories or Pornstars in a video description? Add your contribution.
Edit the Pornstars
Is a Pornstar profile incomplete or contains any errors? Add your information and make your changes.
Be rewarded for your contributions
We think it's normal that our most active members are rewarded. That's why we created Digcoins that can be redeemed for gifts to choose from the # exclusively reserved for our members.The more you participate, the more you earn Digcoins.
Users participations
Description of a video
5 Dc.
Add a Pornstar
15 Dc.
Pornstar edition
7 Dc.
Video upload
13 min and + 20 min and +
4K 5 Dc.6 Dc.
1080p 4 Dc.5 Dc.
720p 2 Dc.3 Dc.
540p 1 Dc.2 Dc.
30 min and + 45 min and +
7 Dc.8 Dc.
6 Dc.7 Dc.
4 Dc.5 Dc.
3 Dc.4 Dc.

Increase your rank
Digcoins are also used to determine your rank on Porndig. The more you participate, the more you earn Digcoins, the higher your rank increases.

There are also special ranks

The Amateur rank is reserved for certified amateurs, women, men and couples who publish their own videos.If you belong to this category use the contact form to know more.
The moderator ensures that there is no abuse in the comments.This rank is accessible to everyone but is given to only a few carefully selected members.
This rank is reserved for members of the founding team of the website.
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